How we build your new swimming pool.

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All our concrete swimming pools and spas are steel reinforced and built to Australian Standards

The beauty of a concrete swimming pool is that it can be constructed in any size, style or shape. This makes a concrete pool or spa ideal for more difficult sites such as those with limited space, narrow blocks and other challenging locations. Concrete swimming pools can take on any form including L-Shaped, Geometric, Freeform, Lap Pools and Out-of-Ground pools. With a concrete pool, you get the best design for you and your lifestyle. 

With a completely customised concrete pool, extra features such as heating for the dry season, water features, lighting, coping, infinity edges and luxury pool finishes can be easily added. With over 15 years of pool construction experience, we can quickly and easily help you decide on the right swimming pool or spa for your Darwin environment. 

There are a number of stages in the design and build process: 

Plan & Design

The most important step. We will consult with you on all aspects of the build including size and shape, pebble finish, tiling, plumbing and filtration, fencing and provide you with a written quote. A contract of works is signed prior to construction.


The pool site is excavated and all excess dirt is removed.

Steel Reinforcing & Plumbing

A cage structure is built which provides strength and reinforcement to the concrete shell of the pool. All plumbing pipes and electrics are laid at this time.

Concrete Shell Construction

Concrete is sprayed to form the shell of your pool and is then cut into shape by our team of experienced concreters. This is when you will really start to get a feel of how your pool is really going to look!

Pool Finish

The concrete surface of your pool is now ready for your chosen finish (pebbles, tiles etc). This is also when water features and natural rocks are added.


Plumbing is now connected to the pump, chlorinator and filtration. Your new pool is now ready to be filled with water

Let the swimming begin!

A hand over of the pool will be done with you to ensure you are fully aware of the cleaning and operating requirements of your new pool.

Let us help you build the pool of your dreams right here in Darwin.

We build pools and install or replace vinyl pool liners in Darwin, Palmerston and the Darwin Rural Area.